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Writers Guild Kenya is a vibrant hub where readers and writers unite to foster a love for literature within families and cultivate a thriving writing culture across the nation.

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Our Story

In 2014, a spark ignited. A group of students at Kenyatta University, under the leadership of Gabriel Dinda, envisioned a platform to empower aspiring writers and preserve stories for generations to come. This spark blossomed into Writers Guild-Kenya, the vibrant community we are today.

Our journey has been one of continuous growth and impact. We’ve nurtured the talents of countless writers, empowering many who never dared to dream of putting pen to paper.

Our Values

Guiding Light & Purpose

We strive to deepen our connection with God while uplifting others through our endeavors.

Community & Connection

We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and connected like a true family.

Personal Touch

We prioritize individual needs and aspirations, offering personalized support and guidance to help each member flourish.

Embrace The Journey

We believe in the power of continuous learning and growth, encouraging exploration, experimentation, and embracing challenges as opportunities. We keep trying.

Lifelong Learning

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and development, both within our Guild and for the broader community, with a strong emphasis on reading and writing as foundational skills.

Integrity & Ethical Responsibility

We uphold the highest ethical standards in our writing practices and advocate for responsible and respectful conduct within the literary community.

The Writers Guild Experience

Munira Hussein joined the Journey of Hope, and 6 years later, she is now an author of three successful books.

Watch the Writers Guild Experience as told by own writers.

Latest Works By Our Writers

Patric Lavince
Lucy Githatiga
Kevin Odongo
Sahara Abdi
Vera Omwocha
Farhan Yusuf
Elizabeth Wichenje
Rehema Zuberi
Douglas Logedi

100+ Published Writers

As a Writers Guild member, you get a chance to self publish your book with us and enjoy all the perks that come with membership, including discounted services, book launches and promotion of your book across our social media channels. 

FAQs by our Writers

How can I create a time to write?

Writing, like all other things in life, requires proper planning. Many people claim to have written books in their minds. What they seem to lack is time to translate them into real books. The best way is to give yourself a target to write, i.e. 500 words daily, keep your word and have an accountability partner to hold you to account

How can I deal with procrastination? I always feel the best time to write is tomorrow.

You perhaps haven’t internalized the benefits that writing will bring to you and the joy of seeing your work out there. In addition, this could be a reflection of how easy you are on yourself. Being that the body likes easy things, you get away with this. An accountability partner may help you, and attending different writing sessions/events to get challenged might also help.

Don’t Take Our Word for it…

"You love writing but you think you’re not good enough? The solution is joining Writers Guild Kenya. Homely and the only place you need to be to unlock your writing dreams and the full potential of your pen. I’ve never seen passion and zeal so strong. Love is so immense and real. A destiny connector and a door opener to a future so bright. A home to future bestsellers.”
Elizabeth Opiyo
Digital Strategist
“I walked into a Writers Guild event at the National Museum of Kenya in Nairobi on the 27th of August 2017, I was met with a smile and told to welcome home. That smile and home has held my hand as a writer and helped me grow, I have since published two children’s storybooks, thanks to the love and support accorded to me. Writers Guild Kenya not only builds you as a writer but helps you grow as a person, the supportive community that comes together to hold each other’s hands is something out of the ordinary in the world we live in today, and that is the power of Writers Guild Kenya. God bless this home!”
Sahara Abdi
Author and Storyteller
“The place of excellent service, creative writers and interesting literature.”
Dismas Okombo
Copywriter and Social Media Marketer
“Writers Guild is the go-to place for anyone that has been procrastinating on their goal of publishing their thoughts and experiences in a book.”
James Juma
Professional hockey player

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